It’s Throwback Thursday

While I’m not the biggest fan of sharing photos of myself I figured just one wouldn’t hurt, for Throwback Thursday. This is me, summer of 1981, when I was 20 years younger and *cough* 50 pounds lighter. Now shoo!

Zibbet Versus SupaDupa Round Two

Welcome to round two of Zibbet versus SupaDupa! In this round we’re going to compare stats. Before I do, however, I wanted to give you an update to my last post in this series. If you recall in that installment I concluded that, while more of my listings from Zibbet came up than my SupaDupa shop, […]

Zibbet Versus SupaDupa Round One

I mentioned in this post that I was running an experiment with my SupaDupa shop. I thought it’d be a while before I began to see results.  I thought wrong. So here is the first of what I hope will be several articles on Zibbet versus SupaDupa. My one real gripe about Zibbet is in […]

Thank Yous and Apologies

I want to thank everyone who reblogged, retweeted, liked, favorited, shared, etc. my posts on the various social networks this past weekend. I wish I could thank you all, individually, but I’d be here all day. So many of you!! It’s wonderful to see people wanting to help one another succeed. While I’m here I’d […]

Crowe Shea Fashions: The Experiment

So, back in 2011 Crowe Shea Fashions was still on Artfire but I was setting up accounts elsewhere to hold my name. You know, branding and all that. One of those accounts was with SupaDupa who, then, was offering a limited number of free, top-tier storefronts. Back then they were advertizing them for a bunch […]