The Joys of Being an Online Proprietor

For the longest time I have tried to decide whether to create a blog for my business. Usually I don’t have much to say and, as such, Facebook and Twitter have been sufficient for my occasional musings. However, after trying (unsuccessfully) to condense a rather lengthy rambling to fit Facebook — combined with the discovery that ArtFire offers blogs to its sellers — I thought it might be a good idea to create one of my own. So here we go!

So, as I mentioned above, I’m on ArtFire now. I still plan to sell on Etsy. I will just be focusing my attention on my ArtFire shop. Why? I won’t lie. I have always feared that Etsy would become the eBay of crafting venues, and their actions and attitude as of late are continuously reinforcing that fear. I had stuck it out there primarily because there was really no place else to sell my crafts but now that I’ve found ArtFire I’m a much happier camper! There are so many sweet bells and whistles to make life easier for both you and me!

Of course, expanding to ArtFire isn’t all I’ve been up to. I’ve been busy crocheting. So much in fact that I often wonder if the hats I’ve set aside to finish (as in weave in their ends) when I’m done crocheting them all are secretly breeding. I think I also might be developing CTS in my wrists. Crochet addict that I am I’ll probably suck it up, slap some braces on, and keep on hooking, lol!

So that’s my first official post to Crowe Shea Fashions — The Blog. Stay tuned. I promise there will be more.