The Other Stuff

Some years ago, shortly after I left LiveJournal, LJ started offering writing prompts. Ideas to inspire us to blog. Of course, as I had left LiveJournal, and WordPress had no similar offerings, I set out in search of a suitable alternative. I found Skribit. It allowed you, the reader, to suggest topics for me to right about. I used it on my personal blog for years and got a good deal of writing done because of it.

Sadly, Skribit shut its doors last month. In a way it’s good I didn’t think about using it here until now because I would’ve been upset to have started something and have it die shortly thereafter. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a replacement for Skribit, however I did discover that Automattic (the folks that “own” WordPress) has added Plinky to their list of services. Plinky is like LiveJournal’s writing prompts. Each day you get a new question or challenge to work on. Some of them can be pretty interesting! I figured I’d give it a try, here, ’cause my life isn’t just about making stuff and talking about it.

In addition, I’m creating a post where readers can leave suggestions for future bloggings. I’m calling it “Plot Bunny Breeding Grounds” — a throwback to my fanfiction writing days. I encourage all my readers to offer their advice.

With these two additions, hopefully things will get interesting around here. :)