What I’d Name My Own Clothing Line

First Plinky post! Woot!

Technically, I already have a clothing line. It’s called “Crowe Shea Fashions”. I created it to carry out 2 goals:

1. Spread the word that crochet is more than prissy doilies and can actually be fashionable and fun.

2. Create clothing that looks good on people.

#1 was fairly simple to do. I can’t crochet a doily to save my life! So that means making other fashionable items. Right now, because of the economy, I’m focusing on accessories and other fashion pick-me-ups but I do have other ideas in my head that I plan on implementing as soon as folks can afford them.

#2 can be broken down into 2 parts. The first part is color. Back in the early ’80s Carole Jackson wrote the book “Color Me Beautiful” in which she explained how a person can look absolutely fabulous in one color and dreadfully awful in another. She was able to break things down into four groups, called “Seasons” based upon a person’s coloring:

Spring – Clear, warm-toned.

Summer – Muted, cool toned.

Autumn (AKA Fall) – Muted, warm toned.

Winter – Clear, cool toned.

The fashion/cosmetics industries initially embraced this idea and men and women everywhere where finally able to feel confident about looking good in what they were wearing. Unfortunately, for reasons I don’t know (though corporate money and male domination come to mind), the concept was watered down to the point where it is no longer beneficial, IMHO. But as a redheaded Spring who has a hard time finding clothes and “hair enhancements” that don’t make me look ridiculous, I promised myself I’d do everything to bring it back. If you’ve read any of my listings you’ll probably notice I use the above labels in my descriptions. Now you know why. :) To learn more about this wonderful system I highly recommend reading the book.

The second part has to do with how clothes fit. I’m not talking size-wise. I’m referring to whether or not a style is flattering for a particular body type. See, people are either “Apples” or “Pears”. Most men are Apples, while the majority of women are Pears. Yet 90% of the clothing for women is designed for an Apple shaped-body. No wonder we have body image issues! While none of the items I currently have to offer would really have an impact in that department but, as I mentioned earlier, I am determined to create larger pieces (i.e. skirts, tops) that are flattering for us real women. LOL

Now that you know where I’m going with things, what do you think?

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