I Got a New Toy for My Blog!

Many years ago (well, maybe not many but it was quite a while back in Web Time) I came across this wonderful WordPress theme called “Kaleidoscope” by Ikiru Design. It had the ability to assign colors to each of your posts, depending on what time of the year you posted them. And, as the posts got older they aged by getting darker. Unfortunately, WordPress has had many advances since Kaleidoscope’s creation and eventually I was forced to delegate it to a private blog that only I can read, so I wouldn’t have to worry about folks complaining about not being about to see this or that not working properly.

Today I had to make a change to my theme because, for some unknown reason, the old one was interfering with my Google Analytics code. I briefly considered dusting off my copy of Kaleidoscope but quickly decided against it. This is a business blog. It wouldn’t do me or my readers any good if they can’t read everything I’ve written. But I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could figure out the code that was used to assign the colors and use it to change the background color?” Alas, I am still severely lacking in my PHP skills. Thankfully, David, of Ikiru Design is apparently psychic and has recently posted his code for this bit of magic on his site. Now all I have to do is figure out how to work it into my current theme.

He also updated his Mini Quilt plugin, which uses the same idea. You can see two different configurations of it, one to the right and one below. The configuration to the right displays my most recent posts with their titles. As you can see the background color changes with each post title to show the time of year it was written. As I continue to blog you’ll start to see the colors change as new posts replace the older ones.

Down below is where the really awesome stuff is happening, though. That is, essentially, the original mini quilt. Each block represents a post (that you can click to read). Unlike the sidebar there are no titles, nor am I limiting it to just the ten most recent entries. In addition, I’ve configured it to display the blocks randomly. The goal is to eventually create a virtual quilt that changes each time I update as well as every time readers load the page.

It is cool, or what? :)