Arlington Town Day – The Day After

Yesterday was Town Day in Arlington, MA. As a seller I’m always a little anxious about this venue. I sell crochet fashions and fashions aren’t something that’s generally sought after by the participants of a street fair. But I get to share space with some good friends, and get to see even more as they stop by our booth. That alone is worth my share of the “table money”.

We needed two cars to transport everything this year – much to the dismay of my son, who had “company”. I kept telling him not to worry. She would probably still be there when he returned home. :) We ran into a few hitches: Mary (of Secret October) had forgotten some of her new stock, we were two chairs short, and my display for my Scrap Happy Scarves wasn’t liking the wind. But we managed to acquire the needed supplies (and borrow a coat rack) well before the 10am kickoff.

This year The Computer Cafe decided to run a scavenger hunt using Smartphones. Participants had to bounce from booth to booth, answering questions about each booth before being allowed to scan the booth’s barcode that told them where to go next. I can imagine it was pretty difficult to set up as nobody knew where anyone was until the booth assignments had been given out that morning. I do hope it becomes a regular fixture of the Town Day festivities. Those I saw partaking in the activity seemed to be having fun.

Town Day music seemed to be rather lacking this time around. Usually they have a number of acts performing on the stage in front of Town Hall. The stage was there, but the only music I heard came from the Town Garden and it appeared to be one musician. *shrugs*

Another glaring omission was the lack of Captain Jack Sparrow (@818NewGuy) and his Shipmate (@PlaytymAtHazmat) wandering up and down the Ave. But they have a good excuse – they moved to California. I miss them!!

I guess as a replacement for Captain Jack and Co. we were honored with the presence of the Subway Sub, handing out coupons announcing the soon-to-be-opening of a nearby shop. Judging by the address they’ll be taking over the space where Quiznos used to be. As long as their staff aren’t jerks and practice required hygiene, may they live long and prosper there.

Speaking of food, for lunch I set out in search of Andrina’s. They make some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. After much wandering up and down the food area I found them. They were where they were supposed to be, it was just that where they were supposed to be was where it was on the map, LOL. Being very hungry I asked for three slices of cheese pizza and was greeted with three plate-sized slices. Not bad for $2 a slice! Naturally this being much more than I could eat I ended up sharing the rest. Sadly, Andrina’s didn’t have any of their gluten-free pizza, which is a shame because they are one of few pizzerias that not only offer it, but make it well.

All in all this year wasn’t bad – for me or my business. Even though I hadn’t been able to restock my FluffBunnyz supply (their ears and tails are made from acrylic yarn scraps – something I’m lacking as I’ve been mostly working with natural fibers, lately) I still made table money and a sizable profit. I also had lots of fun helping moms find the perfect Cool Cotton Cloche 4 Kids for their infants and toddlers! I’m still a little stiff from all the standing and sitting and have a touch of (red) color on face, but I had a great time.

Now I’m off to do all the work I put on hold in order to get ready for Town Day.