To All of Crowe Shea’s Fans

Dear Fans,

Recently Google made some changes to how it handles items for sale. In order for them to appear in Google Shopping a seller of apparel and accessories must group variations of otherwise identical items. And, of course, ArtFire created a tool for us so that we could comply with this new requirement.

When I first learned of the tool I thought “Way cool! We can now list all our variations in one listing, just like the big kids do.”

Wrong. Apparently Google still wants each variation in its own listing. *headdesk*

So I’ve spent the last couple of days organizing my creations and trying to figure out how to list them. It hasn’t been easy. My biggest problem is my Cool Cotton Cloches (I’d give a link but it might not be active for very long). During one of my ruts I managed to make up about 60 of them – all in various sizes and colors. Even if I split them into “Adult” and “Child”, that’s still a lot of variations of hats for customers to sift through. Especially given that there is no way to sort by variant. I have thought about grouping them by circumference and just listing the colors as  variants. Google won’t be happy, but Google isn’t the one who will actually be shopping at my store. What do you think?

Another thing I wanted to address is that there seems to be a few minor bugs in the new tool. Like the color picker being either color-blind, or changing colors behind our backs. So if you happen to be looking at the variations of any of my goodies, please go by the photo. Also, as I noticed this morning, it seems that items I’ve edited are being resent through my feeds.

Rest assured ArtFire is on top of these problems. However, I do wish to apologize in advance for any inconvenience they may cause my fans. :)

Thanks everyone!