Start All Over – All Over Again

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’ve been trying to do the ArtFire 45 Day thing. I know I’ve been slow but to add insult to injury things came grinding to a halt last month, when RL and Arlington Town Day forced me to put things on hold. When the dust finally settled, and I was ready to continue, another wrench got tossed into the works: ArtFire had released its variant tool.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this tool was designed so that sellers who made multiples of a certain item could list their variants and thus be in compliance with Google Shopping’s new rules. This was good. I am one of those sellers and thought it would be a great way for customers to find exactly what they wanted, more easily. Unfortunately the tool came with a few bugs. While I waited for them to be worked out I did as much research about the new tool as I could, so that I would be prepared for the time when I could finally use it.

Last week was that time. I began by re-listing some of my items, taking care to make the most popular ones “parents” and the lesser ones “variants”. While I’m not quite happy with how the variants are displayed beneath each listing, I figured this would be the offering I would have to make to appease the Google gods.

And then, a week later, I checked my listings on Google.

OMHFGs!!!!!!!! Did I ever get the screw over! That beanie I was boasting about last month? Oh it was still on the first page of a Google search, under the results for Google Shopping link, but that was the only place it could be found. I clicked the link, expecting to see it on the first page of Google Shopping and found nothing. In fact it was nowhere to be found in the entire GS search! The same was true for all the items that I had re-listed. They had just disappeared.

That’s two strikes against me and my business. There will be no “May I please have another?”

So, now I’m starting over. I’m going to re-list my items one more time. This time I’ll be treating them as one of a kind. Even though I do make multiples of a style, they are all technically individuals since I rarely make more than one of a given color or type of yarn. Google Shopping can kiss my arse. If they want to penalize me for this decision, let them. There are other search engines out there.

This may take some time, as I also plan on taking the opportunity to reword my listings. But as soon as I’m done I’ll pick up where I left off in the 45 Day Guide.

Oh, and for you Etsians looking for a chance to bash ArtFire, look elsewhere. I’m not going anywhere. I feel ArtFire is doing their best to work with a difficult search engine, so that all the sellers there can benefit. Unfortunately, their current solution isn’t working for me. But that’s just one small negative drop in a bucket-full of positive, IMHO.