I’ve Been Pounced, Baby!

If you’re a seller on ArtFire and spend some time on Twitter, you may be familiar with AFPounce. If you’re not, well AFPounce, or Artfire Pounce, is a group of fans who make it their duty to promote ArtFire sellers.

Every day, Simon the Thug announces a new shop, and encourages followers to visit it and tweet about an item they found and like.

Yesterday was my day!

I came home from taking my husband to his doctor and saw a seller I follow tweeting about my shop using the #afpounce tag. My first thought was that this person was trying to get Simon’s attention, as I had retweeted a number of their new listing announcements. But after doing a quick search for the topic I discovered I had, in fact, been pounced. While I wish I had more wares in my shop before this happened, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Woot!

Since Simon’s announcement I’ve seen a steady flow of incoming, Twitter-based URLs. They are still coming in as I type this. No sales, yet, but my shop has been added to a number of Markets, and a bunch of stuff has been Hotlisted. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to add more items over the next couple of days.

This does present one small dilemma, however. Well, two, actually. The first was that I hadn’t finished converting all my variants back over to One-of-a-Kind and a number of the Hotlisted items are variants. So those have to sit for a while before they can be edited – if they don’t get sold, that is. The other problem is that I was about to start working on some new hats for the holidays. Something the teens and tweens, at the craft fairs I do this time of year, might get a kick out of. However, it seems the masses already have a love for my Fluffbunnyz as not only have they been Hotlisted multiple times but they went from my least viewed to most viewed items in less than 24 hours. What to make?

Those issues aside, it has been fun getting pounced. Thank you, Simon the Thug, for recommending me for pouncing and thank you, everyone, who did the actual pouncing. You are all wonderful peeps!