Top Albums I Listened to While Growing Up

J Geils Band

I grew up exposed to a variety of music, and I listened to it all, all the time. Money was rather tight so most of my music consisted of 45s, and mix tapes of songs recorded off the radio. But here’s a list of artists whose albums I actually owned:

The Cowsills – Assorted albums

Donny Osmond – Had one album, but can’t remember the name of it

Barry Manilow – All of his albums

Rex/Rex Smith – Had his two albums with his band, as well as Sooner or Later, and Forever

The Knack – Get the Knack

M – New York, London, Paris, Munich

The J. Geils Band – All of their albums

While I have all these artists on my Sansa Clip, I think the one that gets the most play nowadays is Geils.

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