Around the Web in 80 Minutes

This morning I got up and headed on over to the ArtFire forums, as I usually do each morning. For the last couple of days there’s been a bustle in one of the threads, what with Google+ recently making business pages available, and everyone is sharing their links to their newly created pages.

So I start by adding folks I know, which is a rather complicated process, given how Google has things set up. About midway through I realize I should add a Google+ icon to my Tumblr page. Hootsuite has recently added Tumblr and YouTube for those of us with Pro or Enterprise accounts and since I don’t have a direct connection between Hootsuite and Google+, yet, at least I can connect in a round about way.

After adding the Google+ icon – and my Disqus information, since I now use it to handle comments on this site – I then bounced over here, so I could update my social icons over in the right sidebar. I’ve added Tumblr, Google+, Digg, and Delicious. I would’ve included StumbleUpon, too, but heck if I can figure out what the URL to my SU page is. 😛

Then I remember “Crap! I haven’t finished adding the rest of my ArtFire friends to my Google+ circle!” And so it’s back to the forum to do that.

And now I’m writing to tell my tale of how I survived eighty ADHD filled minutes working on my social networking. LOL! After I’m done with this, it’s back to the forums to finish reading the rest of the threads.