A Call for a Boycott on Martha Stewart Yarn

I’m boycotting Martha Stewart Yarn. “Why?” you may ask.

I’m a crafter. Crochet is my bread and butter. For those not in the know, crochet is one of very few crafts that cannot be mechanically produced. It can only be created by hand.

Well, Ms. Stewart has decided that she would prefer to have her crocheted dog toys produced by the hands of cheap, Chinese labor. Nothing like outsourcing jobs that are badly needed here in the USA.

And if that isn’t enough, her joint effort with Lion Brand Yarn, announced earlier this year, is coming to fruition. Yup, Martha Stewart Yarn can now be purchased at your favorite craft shop.

In my humble opinion, it really takes a twisted mind to take jobs away from American crafters, then market a product to those very same crafters.

So Martha, I don’t care if your yarn can guarantee me instant sales of everything I make with it, until you change your tune I will never use it.

A shame. Because it appears to be nice yarn.