A New Addition to Crowe Shea Fashions

Anyone who’s been to my shop probably knows Fey, the adorable teddy bear that models my creations. Well, as much as she enjoys hamming it up for the camera, the usually quiet Fey has recently become vocal about getting some help.

So Fey and I sat down and created a list of what we thought should be required of a Crowe Shea Fashions model. Fey demanded they be cute and cuddly, while I stressed patience and the ability to sell my wares without being too distracting. Needless to say it was a short list.

With this list in tow I set off in search of potential candidates. Since I had acquired Fey from a local agency which grooms their talent from the start, I figured I’d check there first. It was tough – the pickings were slim – but after 15 minutes of grueling interviewing I was able to select our new model.

Please welcome Seth Justbunny.

Seth JustbunnySeth is totally new to modelling but Fey offered to lend a hand. She has been going over the ropes with him and yesterday we had our first photo shoot.

His passions are music, vegetables (particularly asparagus), caring for our environment, and global domination.

So keep an eye out for Seth Justbunny. He’ll be making is official debut at Crowe Shea Fashions just in time for Thanksgiving shopping rush.