My Top 3 Hobbies

Top 3 hobbies?

Well I think we all know my top one, crochet, though it’s not really a hobby anymore. Sewing and crochet were the first two crafts I recall my mother teaching me. I loved sewing as a kid. Now, not so much. But crochet is forever!

My number two hobby would be writing. I love creative writing. I’d love it even more if my muses would cooperate, but there you go. I do a lot of fanfiction, to get my creative juices flowing, but someday I hope to write and publish an original novel. Perhaps a crochet mystery?

My third favorite hobby would be reading. Ironically I’m not a big reader of fiction, though I do have a few favorite stories. Instead I focus on non-fiction, gobbling up all the information I can on whatever subject I’m interested in, then. Needless to say, I love my Kindle.

So, tell me about your hobbies.

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