Placing an ArtFire Rapid Cart in a Self-Hosted WordPress Site

When ArtFire re-did their Rapid Cart a while back they went from Flash to Javascript. Unfortunately WordPress, and several other blogging platforms, had some trouble with it. After much playing around one seller discovered that they could get the code to work as a WP widget if they included a snippet of code from the Shop Window.

Well now there’s a plugin that allows ArtFire sellers with self-hosted WordPress sites to place the Rapid Cart, in all its glory in a page or post.

First you need to install the plugin on your site.

Once that’s done you need to head on over to your Tools page in your shop’s back-end and make yourself a Rapid Cart. Copy the code, head back over to your WP site (to your widgets) and drag a text widget to any of your sidebars.

Open the text widget and paste the code into the box.

Now, to get the code to work in your WP widget you need to add this snippet before the code for the Rapid Cart:

(script type=”text/javascript” src=””)(/script)

Make sure you change all the “(” and “)” to “<” and “>” and put your ArtFire username, in caps, where it says “YOURSHOPNAME”.

Click “Save” and you’ve just created a Rapid Cart widget. After saving, you’ll notice the word “Shortcode” at the bottom of your new widget. Copy the code (not the word) and place it in a page or post of your choice and save that. You can now move the original text widget you created on over to the Inactive Widgets section.

Keep in mind you can only have one Rapid Cart or Shop Window per page. This means if you have one in both your sidebar and a page/post when that page/post is viewed neither of them will load (in fact that snippet of code above was originally preventing the Rapid Cart below from loading), so choose wisely. :)

Edit: I didn’t realize until this morning I had my ArtFire username in the snippet of code. Whoopsies! Make sure yours is included before placing it before you RC code.