Paranoia the Destroyer

Fey on Crowe SheaI kind of made a promise to myself that once I had been downgraded to a Buyer account on ArtFire I wouldn’t post anything more about them on my blog.

Well I’m breaking that promise because this is too good to pass up.

Originally, when one had a Buyer account on Artfire, one could still access some of the Seller areas of the forums. This was done both in the hopes that buyers might see the wonderful camaraderie among the Sellers and consider becoming one themselves, as well as for the Buyers who could offer helpful advice.

The other day I popped in to see if I could find out more information about this new “Patron Act” (My name, not ArtFire’s, but I think the name is appropriate) and discovered that my access had been limited to only a small handful of areas. Oooookay.

From what I’ve heard most of the Sellers still over on ArtFire are content with this change. Oh really? Because I remember a big hoopla against it a few months ago (for the aforementioned reasons) when a couple of areas were made inaccessible, then. Now these same people are happy about it? Talk about things that make you go “hmmmmmm”.

Could this change be because ArtFire has become paranoid and thinks that by allowing Buyers access to the Seller areas in the forums it opens itself up to spying by disgruntled former Sellers? *types furiously* Could be.

But I think it’s more of a case of damage control. Too many members “of power” have mouthed off, making the site look bad. And since these members can’t seem to keep their foul-mouths shut, what better way to keep Buyers from learning about the nastiness that is brewing than by blocking access to it?

That’s just my take on it, however.

I was going to wrap up this post with the lyrics to the Kinks’ “Destroyer” but I think this is MUCH more entertaining.