A New Look (Sort of) for Crowe Shea’s Blog

Fey of Crowe Shea endorses this new lookPeriodically I go through this phase where I must give my blog a new look. I have no idea why, or what triggers it (I like to think it’s something instinctively primal) but when I get hit with it the blog looks like a chaotic mess for a day or two.

Well, about a week ago I started getting those new look stirrings again after seeing this theme. It’s a really cool responsive theme and I loved the way it condensed down for those on Smartphones. But there was one thing wrong with it – no sidebar. If this was an ordinary blog I probably would have installed it anyway. However, it isn’t, and since I want you to see some of the pieces I’ve created, a sidebar is a necessity.

So then I found this theme. Like the name says, it’s colorful. And it implies that I am a creative and artistic person – even if it’s not in my medium. I installed it and played with it for a day and a half, rearranging widgets and changing fonts. By the time I settled on a font, however, I was already sick of the theme. Not good.

After much debate I decided to go back to NomNom, only I went dark this time. What do you think? I know, there are some people out there who loathe dark sites so much they will hit the back button as soon as they realize they’ve landed on one, but I love them. With the right amount of contrast and good choice of font I find they can be very easy on the eyes. And you have to admit the blacks and grays really make the colors pop!

Hopefully I’ve got the redecorating bug out of my system for a while. Probably. Even with more and more people using tablets and Smartphones to surf the web, responsive themes are few and far between. So this new look will most likely get quite old before I change things around again.