A General Update

Fey on Crowe SheaWow! It’s been awhile since I lasted posted. Bad Babs! No cookie for me!

Since last I posted I became freakishly busy! Between crocheting my fingers off (I’m currently rotating through 7 W. I. P.s) getting ready for upcoming craft fairs and preparing my online shop for the (hopefully) onslaught of holiday shoppers, I’ve had little time to focus on other aspects of my business – let alone myself.

Last weekend I got to join my fellow MaWiBa-ins Mary and Willow for Arlington Town Day. It got off to a cloudy start – within minutes of our arrival we were racing to get our canopy erected to keep ourselves, and our merchandise, dry. After about 20 minutes of huddling together we were able to start setting things up, though. And shortly after Town Day officially opened the skies started to clear.

While I didn’t do as well this year as I have in earlier years, it didn’t suck, either. :) As a former “Townie” I enjoy doing the table at Town Day, regardless of income. I miss Arlington and it gives me a chance to run into old friends and reminisce. Of course, hanging out with Willow and Mary is always a good time, too!

After Town Day my wish to get 120 items listed in my Etsy shop by Thanksgiving went into overdrive. Given how much stock I have I’m not even remotely worried about not having enough stuff to list. It’s just getting it listed. All the stuff I have photos for is up, but until decent weather and time decide to work together in my favor all I can do for now is rewrite older listings. I hate when my wheels are just spinning!

I discovered yesterday (or was it the day before?) that Etsy has syndicated my shop, so all the more reason to get stuff in there. I also need to check postal regulations to see if I can add more countries to those I ship to as I’ve been getting visits from Chile, Argentina, the Republic of Serbia, and more! Wow! I may actually have a good online holiday season this year!

In other news, it looks like one of my feline assistants is expecting. Sabrina and Ribbon both got outside while in heat a couple of weeks ago (don’t ask why they haven’t been spayed, yet *grumbles*). Since I had to be somewhere I asked the Teen to corral them back indoors. Besides, he’s good at it. Yet, when I returned 5 hours later, Ribbon was sitting in the middle of the parking space, Sabrina was under the porch with a male guest, and the Teen was back in his bed.

Neither of them will let me check their tummies for the pinking of the teats but Sabrina now has a massive appetite, gained a good amount of weight, and developed an aggressiveness toward the neighbor’s cat, Mittens, whom she originally feared. Ribbon is her usual Ribbon self (fat and hissy) so I don’t think the male got amorous with her (knowing Ribbon she probably gave him a headache!) but we still have about 5 more weeks to go. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be one litter, and a small one to boot.

So I guess we’re now up to date. At least until I fall behind again, lol!

Oh, one more thing. As frustrating as Etsy can be I am so glad I went back! Gotta love the text beneath the graph.