WTF? I Thought I Was Syndicated!

Fey on Crowe SheaAbout a week ago I discovered that Etsy had syndicated my shop to (for?) Google Shopping. Since I don’t meet their requirements I’m assuming that this had something to do with Etsy’s announcement that they would now be paying to submit seller’s shops. I’ve heard that they will only be doing this through the end of the year but you know those rumors. Even if it is true, Etsy has been known to change its mind.

Anyways,  a few days later I discovered the “syndication” link was replaced with one for Google Ads. I checked it out, saw my shop was enabled, and didn’t think anything more of it – until I saw my stats suddenly drop to one-quarter what they had been the earlier days. So, for s**ts and grins I went back to the Google Ads page, made sure it was still enabled for my shop, then clicked “save”. While my stats haven’t returned to what they were a few days ago, they are going up again, which is always better than going down (usually *WEG*).

So if you’re finding yourself in a similar predicament, do what I did. While I can’t guarantee it will solve the problem it is quick and painless, and worth checking before heading to the forums.