The New Meowmy

Yesterday my feline assistant, Sabrina (aka Little Black Beanie) became a new meowmy. I’ll spare you the details of why she wasn’t spayed. Let’s just say that every time I think about it I want to kick my husband. :(

It all began in the morning after a rough night (for me). Beanie began frantically running from spot to spot in my bedroom. First it was the box I had set up for her to have her kittens in. Then it was the space between my bed and my bedside table. After that she started digging herself under the blankets on the bed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Now I’ve had pet rats and hamsters, and have witnessed their little miracles of birth. But I’ve never had a pregnant cat before. I had my suspicions but wasn’t really sure what was going on. A quick Googling confirmed what I had suspected – Sabrina was in labor.

After a couple more hours of her making the rounds Beanie finally decided she preferred being under the blankets, curled up next to me. I would talk to her and gently scratch her head. Shortly afterwards she gave birth to her first kitten. No sooner was the sack removed and the kitten breathing when Sabrina began freaking out again. This time she dove between the bed and the table where she proceeded to have two more kittens, for a total of three.

When Sabrina didn’t go back for the first kitten I started to worry. Thankfully the little one quickly sought out a teat after I carefully placed it next to its meowmy. All three are contentedly nursing now. Periodically you’ll hear a squeak or two as Beanie shifts position. They are so cute! I want to squeal!

For now, both Sabrina and myself are tired but I hope to have a photo or two to share with my next post.