My Favorite Video Game

My favorite video game would have to be Pokemon. Ever since the very first games became available in the US, Pokemon has been a video game staple in our household.

Pokemon Red and Blue for Game Boy

My older son, Ben and I would play Red and Blue together. He had Blue and I, Red. I think those were the only versions both of us managed to get every single Pokemon on. :)

Over the years all the Pokemon games have visited my family. Eventually the Teen, one of his friends, and one of Ben’s friends became Pokeholics, too. We still joke about how annoying my Staraptor was during those two on two battles.

Today I am playing Black 2. While my boys are both making fun of my team, Samurott, Arcanine, Virizion, Ampharos, Genesect, and Solrock are nearly into their 60s and mere steps away from the Pokemon League. I’ve tried to get my Victini traded over – to replace Solrock – but both boys are being stubborn. I guess I’ll have to sneak into one of their rooms while they are out and steal borrow a DS!

So what video game are you addicted to?