I had planned on having a post yesterday. Really I did! I spent all of Sunday thinking about what I could write about…

And then I forgot to write about it.

Somehow I totally got sidetracked yesterday, too.

Now, I could be that person who writes a post, back dates it, and hopes no one is the wiser. But that would be cheating and I hate cheaters. Especially ones in wi-fi battles who use rare pokemon from older games and rename them, using kanji, so you end up off-ing your own pokemon trying to figure out what types you’re up against. But I’m going off on a tangent, aren’t I? :)

But if I did remember to write a post yesterday I would mention how I went to the wrong high school in Quincy for drum corps. practice. And then how, on the way to the correct school, we encountered this freakishly large seagull. It darted directly in front of us, coming within inches of smashing into the passenger side (my side) of the windshield. Then I would go on about how I spent the next five minutes or so laughing hysterically over the thought that I could’ve died from the cosmos giving me the bird.

Since that story wouldn’t be enough, I would also have to include a few tales from my elder son, Ben. According to him, Steven Tyler visited the Target he works at on Sunday. Now why Steven Tyler would be in a Target, let alone one in the state of Massachusetts is beyond me but both Ben and myself thought it rather amusing that his co-workers kept referring to him as “that American Idol judge” and not “the lead singer of Aerosmith”.

Speaking of Aerosmith, they did a free concert in Somerville’s Davis Square area, yesterday. According to the Teen they “played for a bunch of bums” which, while not PC, isn’t too far from correct when one knows that the base office for CASPAR (Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcohol Rehabilitation) is within a block or two from where they played. So if the band was in Somerville then I guess it is possible for Steven Tyler to be in a local Target.

Back to Sunday… Also according to Ben, the Best Buy at the other end of the mall accidentally opened an hour early. Apparently the opening crew was not aware that DST had come to an end. Given that even stupidphones automatically update their time, that takes some talent!

So that’s pretty much what I would say if I had the time to say it yesterday. Aside from the Teen getting his copy of Halo 4 at midnight and playing until he left for school this morning, and Sabrina taking her first stroll outside since the kittens were born, not much has happened since then.

Oh yeah, I’ve decided I’m not going to be making anything but snowflake ornaments for the craft fairs this year. Sparkly crocheted snowflake ornaments!

Anyway. You can bet your sweet bippy that I will be back tomorrow, because I’m sure to have something to say about the elections. For now, I’ve got laundry to do. Have to get it done before I go out to vote.

See you tomorrow!