I’m Not Going Anywhere

If you follow the #zibbet tag on Twitter you’ve probably seen some rather unsavory tweets, lately. Heck, I had to switch my Zibbet page on RebelMouse over to draft mode because I couldn’t keep up with one particular person’s nastiness. Sad to say, this individual is someone I once looked up to. Not anymore.

I was also crushed to learn someone I was hoping to become Zibbet friends with has been badmouthing a group I belong to, even threatened the group’s “leader” (whom I’ve known since my days on ArtFire), and Zibbet admin reportedly did nothing about it.

Now, my instincts have told me to turn tail and run. The only problem is, where to? I left ArtFire because their changes were doing massive damage to my online presence. I left Etsy because I can’t afford to outsource my work to laborers in China. And while I think taking advantage of my SupaDupa account to create my own site is a novel idea, the reality is I highly doubt anyone’s going to buy crochet from a stand alone. So that leaves Zibbet. If Zibbet goes, so goes (my baby) Crowe Shea Fashions. I’m done with being that rat on a sinking ship, paddling as fast as I can to the nearest thing that floats.

That means I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. I will keep my shop on Zibbet. I will continue to support other sellers on Zibbet (and by support I mean actually support them, not say I support them then bash them and the venue every chance I get). I will surpass the negative people. It’s the least I can do for my baby.

And if anyone plans on getting in my way… well I hope you’re wearing plenty of protective gear.

  • CozyAtoZ

    I am staying too.

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      Yay! I’ll have company!!!!

  • Dawn Hill

    I am on all three you mention and am redoing my eCrater shop at the moment. You may want to try eCrater-it is free and hooked up with Google so I get a few things sold per month there. Good luck! :)

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      I’ll take a look at them. Thank you!

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  • Donna Marie Smith

    I have over 400 sales on Zibbet so I’m not going anywhere. The Negative Nellie’s on Twitter need to #getoverthemselves!

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      I’ve tried to ignore them, since I know most of what they say is unfounded. I, personally, still have minor concerns about the searches but not enough to leave, let alone badmouth the venue. When you have to drag someone’s personal life through the mud to make a point, you’re clearly desperate.

  • Robin

    You talkin’ about me? šŸ˜€ I am sorry you don’t like it, Babs, I have considered you a friend for a long time. But a site that lies when it’s selling you a non-refundable year, claiming it’s automatically submitting your items to 20 million buyers on The Find.com, and only admits it isn’t when “outed”, deserves every bit of bad press it’s getting.

    If you want to be angry at someone, look at the mismanagers on Zibbet, itself. Tell them to refund those they duped who are not happy about it.

    I am surprised that you seem to want to shoot the messengers instead of those who cheated us. But I wish you well in life and honestly, if you can stomach that site, I wish you the best of luck on it.

    So what exactly are you threatening to do to me and those who complain and forewarn others about a site that took money based on false advertising? Exactly what, Babs?

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      I wrote this article nearly a month ago, even posted a link to it on my business’ Facebook page. That’s what I thought triggered your desire to contact me, there. And I figured since you were willing to do so the least I could do was to try and meet you halfway. Unfortunately, for some reason, the conversation ended. Now, you all of a sudden show up here.

      *sighs* I’ve been staring at this comment for an hour, wondering if I should even bother answering it. But, since my religious beliefs taught me to take responsibility for my actions (I’m Wiccan, by the way, just in case you wish to use that like you used C3) here goes.

      We’ve known each other for a couple of years. Over those years I’ve seen you blow up a number of times, lashing out at everyone around you. But what you’ve been doing as of late isn’t even in the ballpark of what you’ve done in the past. Heck, it’s not even in the same zip code.

      Yes, you are angry. I understand that. You have every right to be. However, you need to understand I have just as much right to be angry, too. Zibbet is one of two homes for my business. Depending on how my experiment goes, it could be THE home. As I am writing this Zibbet has not done a damn thing to me. Andrew’s religious beliefs have had no impact on my business – at least they didn’t until you started publicly trashing them. So please forgive me for being upset with that, the sociopath and cult references, the misinformation, and the resellers that you and your friends manage to discover the very day they open up shop because such bad mouthing is a bigger threat to my business than anything Zibbet could conceivably throw at me.

      Needless to say, when put in such a position instincts tell me to stand my ground and prepare to fight. Hence the above article. Should I have written it? Looking back, maybe it wasn’t my smartest move but I did, so I have to deal with the consequences. Just as I’ll have to deal with them if, at the end of the year, I find my free SupaDupa shop outperformed my $10 a month Zibbet shop.

      As for what I’m going to do… I’m going to continue what I’ve been doing: running my business the best I can, and calling shenanigans when I see them – be it from you or the forum bunnies. I’m not taking it from either side.

      • Robin

        You have me mixed up with someone else, I’m afraid. I have never called ANYONE a sociopath, criticized anyone’s church or beliefs, called anyone a cult member. In fact, I think you’ve just thrown your lot in with the person who did. I have never even retweeted such posts because I don’t agree with them.

        You owe me an apology for those accusations.

        And btw, the conversation on facebook ended because you let it drop. Okay with me. Because when I see physical threats against me for speaking out against a site that cheated me, and it’s left out there despite our conversation, and despite your ability to delete or remove it, those conversations do not appear very sincere from your side.

        Until yesterday when someone sent me a link to this, thinking I hadn’t seen it, I had missed the physical threats you publicly make.

        Again, direct your anger toward the guys whose actions led to such anger, those who bilked us by claiming to provide services they were not.

        I never would have even bothered blogging about Zibbet if they hadn’t gotten their panties in a twist because I chose to leave their forums quietly. And I never would have started investigating whether it was worth even keeping my shops open by looking at how well my items were showing up in thefind. Which, as we now know, weren’t at all because Zibbet purposely stopped submitting them and concealed that info and continued to sell shops pretending they were.

        Blame those who deceived you, along with the rest of us, and took your money knowing they weren’t giving you what you paid for, instead of those of us exposing their fraud.

        And please stop threatening people. It tends to upset people who thought you were a friend.

        • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

          I apologize for this taking so long but I had to make several attempts at trimming it. It’s embarrassing when the comments are longer than the original post. You are waiting for a response, right? Why else would you keep going on about it?

          I’m sorry that I mistook you for one of your cohorts. However, in my defense there were only about four of you and you were all pretty much spewing and regurgitating the same negativity, so it was an honest mistake.

          I will also apologize for letting the conversation drop on Facebook by not checking to see if my last response to you (made the same day you responded to me) had actually posted. Never had it happen to me before but then again, posting from the phone app is new to me.

          I’m sorry that my “friend”, as sarcastically refer to them, no longer wishes to play with you and has, instead, moved on to more constructive and positive ways.

          I apologize to those who wasted their time taking screenshots of my OP, hoping that I would delete it and then claim I never wrote it.

          I sorry that my cool, calm, and intelligently written article on Artfire’s variant tool failure is still getting regular views. Nah… I’m not sorry about that one.

          I’m sorry you expect everyone to understand you, yet you cannot even begin to wrap your head around the concepts of others not sharing your feelings, or feeling threatened by YOUR hostility and wanting to defend themselves.

          I’m sorry that, because I pay $115 a year to host this blog (the face of business), busted my butt to have it place within the top three spots on Google in a search for “Crowe Shea Fashions” and can use it to direct traffic to wherever I’m selling, I currently have no problem with Zibbet being Zibbet. It’s little more than a place to put my stuff. If my Supa shop does better, great. If not, it’s not the end of the world.

          I’m sorry I don’t feel deceived by Zibbet, and thus, feel no anger toward them.

          I apologize for wanting to use my own brain and to come to my own conclusions.

          And I’m sorry that this somehow offends you.

          I’m sorry you think my OP was only about you.

          I’m sorry you do not understand metaphors.

          However, I’m NOT sorry you think you’re worthy of the cosmic backlash I would receive for causing you physical harm. Sounds like you need all the positive energy you can get.

          • Isupporthandmade

            mamaw always said the liars would be revealed……..this I will always believe

            • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

              And I believe that what goes around comes around, Spanky, which is why *I* take responsibility for *MY* actions.

          • Robin

            I accept your apologies and am glad you’re not really physically threatening me. I would suggest doing a little fact finding before posting so you don’t have egg on your face. :)
            Best of everything for you and yours, Babs. I truly hope you find success and sales.

            • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

              But egg is so yummy!!!!

              I too, wish you much success, Robin.

  • Isupporthandmade

    do you think you maybe should have at least one sale on Zibbet by now if it in fact is your bread and butter?

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      Given that I’ve only been back from hiatus since January, and my first sale on Artfire took me 6 months, I’m willing to give it some time. I’ve still got my craft shows and Town Days.