Crowe Shea Fashions: The Experiment

Fey, Top Model of Crowe Shea FashionsSo, back in 2011 Crowe Shea Fashions was still on Artfire but I was setting up accounts elsewhere to hold my name. You know, branding and all that.

One of those accounts was with SupaDupa who, then, was offering a limited number of free, top-tier storefronts. Back then they were advertizing them for a bunch of money. I don’t remember exactly how much but it was definitely more than what I pay for hosting this site. Since I acquired my SupaDupa site, the price has dropped and the account has changed names (it’s now known as “Caviar”), but it was, and still is, a sweet deal. Or at least it would be if I were using it.

See, as I stated in an earlier post I never saw Crowe Shea Fashions as being able to hang as a stand alone site. So, when I left Artfire I set up shop on Etsy, and when they changed their policies, moved to Zibbet. But there’s always been that niggling at the back of my brain…

After talking with some friends who also took advantage of SupaDupa’s deal, I decided to try a little experiment. No, I’m not leaving Zibbet. Just attempting to satiate my curiosity. Sure, a shop devoted to crochet is not the first thing people think of when they’re shopping, but then Crowe Shea Fashions is not your ordinary shop. I mean, I have a bear and a bunny for models!!!

As of today Crowe Shea Fashions officially has its own site. Please bear with me (bad pun, I know) as I’m still getting it loaded with goodies, but if you’d like to take a peek you can find it here. I’m going to run it in tandem with my Zibbet shop for a while before deciding which direction I’m going to go.

I know some people avoid sites with dark backgrounds like the plague. In fact, I don’t like using dark backgrounds for photographing. But you have to admit when you compare the images on this blog to those at the shop, the ones at the shop really pop out at you!

So please check it out, when you get the chance, and let me know what you think.

  • CozyAtoZ

    I saw your post on RM and came to read. I am following you now on pinterest and g+ as well as the others I already had. I took a look at your Supa shop. I do think that your pictures really stand out against the black background. The size of the white font makes it easy to read. I think you have made a great start. Good luck to you.

    • Babs L Powers

      Thank you! I made the font a little larger because I know the dark background tends to shrink it. My main concern was whether or not it contrasted too much. Don’t want people straining their eyes. :)

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