Zibbet Versus SupaDupa Round One

Crowe Shea Fashions: Zibbet Versus SupaDupaI mentioned in this post that I was running an experiment with my SupaDupa shop. I thought it’d be a while before I began to see results.  I thought wrong. So here is the first of what I hope will be several articles on Zibbet versus SupaDupa.

My one real gripe about Zibbet is in regards to being found in the searches. Well, that, and one or two of the forum members, but I digress. I’m not the only one with this concern. There’s a couple of posts about it in the forums. The response from one of the CEOs was to use “longtail keywords” – strings of multiple keywords and, or phrases – in our titles and descriptions. Sounds logical. However there’s a couple of problems with this idea. First is that the average searcher isn’t going to use “longtail keywords”. Then there’s that using such a string in one’s product description makes it read clunky – not something Google wants to see, since its last upgrade. Lastly there’s the risk of your title appearing as keyword spam, which will earn you a serious Google slap. Trust me, I know this, and if you’ve read my blog for a while you know how I know this.

But for s**** and grins I decided to play along. On Monday I planned on doing searches for several of my items in my Zibbet shop, by their exact titles, which could be considered “longtail keywords”. I only needed to do one. Yes, indeedy, it came up in the #1 spot. But guess what also came up, at the bottom of page 1 on Google? The same item on my SupaDupa shop, despite that its title and description were changed to make Google happy. Despite that it had only been added to my Supa shop two days earlier (the other had been in my Zibbet shop for a month).

So, since I have this concern about my products, on Zibbet, being found in the searches, and I am running this little experiment, I decided Round One of Zibbet versus SupaDupa would be:

SERPs (that’s Search Engine Results Pages)

For this round I fired up Google and *gigglesnort* Bing. I thought about using Yahoo, but it seems they are getting their results from Bing because they are the same. I logged out of Google and cleared my cache to get as fair results as possible. I stopped at 6 pages, as this is when the average searcher would give up.

My first search was for “Crowe Shea Fashions” because, you know, branding. Of 216,000 results 21 references to my shop came up within the first 6 pages on Google. My Zibbet shop came up 5th on the first page, after this blog, my Etsy shop, and my Twitter and Facebook pages. My SupaDupa storefront didn’t appear but 3 items from it showed up at the top of page 2. On Bing I also came up 21 times in 45,600 results with my Zibbet shop coming up 7th (after my Pinterest, Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook, RebelMouse, and blog). One item from my Zibbet shop showed up, also on page 1.

Now the only reason my listings showed up was because… branding. The name of my business was either in title or the description. So by that theory, I should be able to find a bunch of my Zibbet listings if I search for “CroweShea”, the name I use on Zibbet, right? Right?

Let’s see… Google brought up 5,360 results. Of those in the first 6 pages 57 were about me (even the Chinese like me). Again, Zibbet shop came in 5th place, on the first page. 2 images (for the same item) appeared on page 2 for Zibbet, followed by 3 items from my Supa shop, at the top of page 3. Bing gave me 291,000 results, of which 18 were relevant. Zibbet shop was 9th on the first page. In the 12th spot was (holy crap!) an actual Zibbet listing. Sadly it was the same one as before. Sadder, was that it was followed by my inactive Artfire shop and a listing for a long since sold (on Etsy) beanie.

Google asked me if I meant “Crowe Shea” so I checked the results for that, too. More than 1.5 million results! 14 for me, this time. Zibbet shop placed 9th, followed by my Zibbet Community page, with 3 items from my SupaDupa shop on page 3. 14 out of 289,000 came up for “Crowe Shea” on Bing, with my Zibbet shop coming in at 7th on the first page. Nothing for SupaDupa.

Now that I’ve bored you to tears…

On to the Items!

I took 12 items from my Zibbet shop and searched for their complete titles on Google and Bing. I did the same for their twins on my SupaDupa shop.

Of the Zibbet items 8 of them showed up in Google, page 1, 7 with images. 12 of my SupaDupa items appeared while searching for the Zibbet items. Most of them on the same page. On Bing they fared a little better, sort of. 9 items were found, but only 1 as an image, and 1 didn’t show up until page 3. Of the ones that didn’t turn up in a search 1 did produce the link to my Zibbet storefront and a listing for another item.

With the SupaDupa items, only 6 showed up on Google but they also appeared on page 1. However, only 4 Zibbet items showed up, along with 6 related products from the Supa shop. Nothing from this group showed up on Bing, although Zibbet storefront and related items from it showed up.

A reminder: I compared month old listings from my Zibbet should (which should have better ranking, due to their time) to week old SupaDupa listings.

So, what does all this mumbo jumbo tell me? Generally speaking, the construction of my web presence is going pretty well. This is good, because it looks as though I’m going to have to rely on it to get potential customers to my store(s) – at least for now. It’s also very helpful since I’ve come across a few newer sellers with remarkably similar names. This is why branding is important! I can’t understand how so many sellers don’t get it.

Google seems to favor my SupaDupa shop, however. For some reason it’s not seeing the “CroweShea” in my listing titles from Zibbet. Luckily Bing appears to like Zibbet. But, so much for my branding theory.

As for the individual listings: although the Zibbet group searches for exact title were more successful, the fact that twice as many listings from my SupaDupa shop came up in the Zibbet group searches than the other way around says that my SupaDupa listings will probably fare better in realistic, generic keyword searches. Zibbet might want to consider submitting our tags with our listings and do more to make sure our names are seen – especially the Premium Sellers, who are paying to be there. Round One in Zibbet versus SupaDupa goes to SupaDupa!

Whoa! This was certainly a read, wasn’t it? I apologize. I’m one of those people who like to make sure their claims are backed up. I plan on having the results of Round Two: Stats in about a month. Mark your calendars!