Zibbet Versus SupaDupa Round Two

Fey, top model for Crowe Shea Fashions on SupaDupa and ZibbetWelcome to round two of Zibbet versus SupaDupa! In this round we’re going to compare stats.

Before I do, however, I wanted to give you an update to my last post in this series. If you recall in that installment I concluded that, while more of my listings from Zibbet came up than my SupaDupa shop, the latter shop’s listings would more likely come up in a generic search. You may also recall I was comparing a shop that was 2 months old to one that had only been open about 2 weeks (and was still being stocked).

Since that time more results from my SupaDupa shop began showing up on both Google and Bing. As of today, Google has indexed 55 pages from Zibbet and 62 from SupaDupa. Not too big a difference. I was concerned, at first, as of the 62 pages 25 are of the shop, itself (storefront, collections, etc.). But that still leaves 37 (out of 41) real listings and I did list the missing 4 items within the last week. So they may turn up within the next few days. Meanwhile, of the 55 Zibbet pages, 15 are store related – with 9 duplicates of my storefront, 4 dups of my feedback page, and my profile and policy page. That means Google indexed one extra Zibbet listing. I was going to mention that it would’ve been nice if my Sections were indexed but apparently 4 storefront duplicates go to those pages. Zibbet just didn’t title them properly. *sighs*

I’ll spare you Bing’s results, other than to say it still favors Zibbet (although my SupaDupa shop does come up in the #1 spot in a search for “Crowe Shea Fashions”).

So… the two are still nearly even.

Now On to the Stats!

When I first set out to research my stats I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult, despite the fact that each shop uses a different method for collecting. I just wouldn’t be able to be as thorough on account that Zibbet stats don’t show the traffic sources. I was wrong. Horribly wrong.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Zibbet’s stats include bot views. How many bot views, you ask? Well… according to my stats my Zibbet storefront had 1033 views this past month. Pretty impressive, huh? Only the tracking widget I installed for Google Analytics says there have been a mere 106 views. Factor in the fact that Google can’t differentiate between my views and those of potential customers, and we’re looking at about 90% bots. That’sa lotta bots!!!!!

According to GA’s Visitor Flow my Zibbet storefront received 88 visits (not to be confused with views). 39 were direct (probably from me), 26 from Twitter, 11 from Pinterest, 8 from my blog, 2 from something called Recycle Party, 1 from Facebook and 1 from Google. BTW the bounce rate of 70.45%

My SupaDupa storefront saw 82 visits (271 views) : 38 came from a Team I belong to, 14 arrived via my blog, 13 are direct (again, probably me), 3 are from Google, 3 came from Twitter, and 11 came from a group of 18 visits consisting of Facebook, Craftori, Facebook Mobile, Pinterest, AOL, and Google+. Bounce rate is 50.62%

Based upon their storefronts both sites are seeing the same amount of traffic, most of which is from (self) promotion. But what about the listings? This is where I have to get a little creative. I really hate doing that when I want to make a point but Zibbet leaves me no choice.

Again, according to GA my standalone saw a grand total of 675 views. Subtract views for various sections of the store and you’re left with 205 for the individual listings. My Zibbet shop supposedly saw 2465 views for all the listings, combined. As we have already established, about 10% of the views are actually real, so that’s about 247 views.

Summary? Aside from my stats for both sites sucking big, salty nut clusters, I mean? Incomplete data makes it very difficult but I think I’m going to give this round to Zibbet. Although my SupaDupa storefront did see more traffic, based up my guesstimate Zibbet saw more listing views – which are more likely to bring sales.

BTW, yes, I know my Zibbet storefront has a high bounce rate. I’m just not going to freak out about it just yet because, two months ago, the bounce rates flipped. It may just be a content issue which I’ll fix as soon as I’m able to photograph the rest of my current stock. I will be keeping an eye on it, though.

So far, it’s been pretty close and based upon what I’ve learned, so far, I’m leaning toward my SupaDupa shop. If I’m doing the same amount of work and getting mostly the same results on both sites, I’d rather go with the free one. Of course, there’s still the matter of sales, which will have the most influence on my decision. This will take some time to gather enough information, so the results for Round Three probably won’t be shared for a few months (unless Zibbet explodes/implodes, in which case my SupaDupa shop will win by default). I will post regular updates related to Rounds One and Two, however.

Thanks for reading!

  • Bluetina

    Interesting, Babs! You can exclude your own visits from your GA stats. You can get it to ignore your ISP address. I can’t remember how I did it now but I know it’s there in the help section.

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      Thanks! That would definitely be helpful. I’ll have to take a look

  • Katy Larson

    Since GA doesn’t track views on items, I think that part of the bounce rate on GA for Zibbet would include people going from your shop front or sections to an item page. I wish we could have GA on our items, too, to get that information. I also wonder how many of the direct views are coming *from* items. I get a large number of direct views even after having my own views excluded.

    • http://crowesheablog.bishiharem.com/ Babs L Powers

      I had thought about that and it could very well be the case. But the strange thing is, up until a month ago, my bounce rate for the home page of my standalone was near 80% and the Zibbet storefront was around 50%. They’ve switched! :)

      I just checked and the Zibbet store has stayed the same while the standalone’s is increasing. This could be because the latter hasn’t changed in nearly a week (or it could be because I’ve been using Google Fetch to analyze page speed, et al). Definitely going to keep an eye on it. Thankfully the weather is getting nicer so I’ll be able to photograph, which means new listings!