Who the Bleep is Babs?

Hiya! I’m Babs, Proprietor and Happy Hooker of Crowe Shea Fashions. Welcome to the Control Center. It’s here that you can eavesdrop on my business and myself, from the current venue I’m selling on to all the social networks I’m plugged into – and, of course, the mischief I’m creating. :)

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That could not be more true than with Crowe Shea Fashions. I started the business after spending 5 years looking for a “real” job – and failing miserably. But I’m not the type to just sit on my rear, so while I was failing I took a cue from my mother. Back in the ’70s it was tough for her (as it was for most women) to keep a job year ’round. So when she wasn’t busy with the Xmas rush at Ivers she could be found either in front of her sewing machine or on the sofa, doing some sort of needlework which she would later sell.

Crowe Shea Fashions started out with a handful of crocheted pieces at a holiday craft fair supporting a local elementary school and things just went from there. Today I have to juggle which creations to display at the multiple craft fairs and shows I do. Thankfully I also now have an online presence so you can see them all! While the income isn’t quite where I’d like it (yet), I’m doing what I love and that’s what matters! Thanks Mom!