Crowe Shea’s back, tell a friend. 😀 After 6 months Crowe Shea Fashions has reopened its doors. I won’t bore you with the details (though lack of internet service was part of it) but I will say it was the worst time of my life. I missed my shop, I missed crafting, and I missed […]

I would like to congratulate both President Barack Obama and Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren on their victories! Woohoo!!! Also, thank you to those who saw Mitt Romney for the total douche that he is. It’s amazing how many folks here in Winchester have forgotten what he did to this state, but then again there’s a lot […]

I had planned on having a post yesterday. Really I did! I spent all of Sunday thinking about what I could write about… And then I forgot to write about it. Somehow I totally got sidetracked yesterday, too. Now, I could be that person who writes a post, back dates it, and hopes no one is […]

Here’s some photos, like I promised. They were taken last night by my older son’s girlfriend, using her cell phone so they aren’t the greatest. I was hoping to get some of just the kittens with my camera, today, but every time I got the camera ready Sabrina would always return from her latest stretch […]