Posting this to give folks a heads up. On May 29 my hosting company, A Small Orange, will be performing some technical, behind the scenes mumbo jumbo. This may affect accessibility to this blog and email. Don’t panic! If it happens it should only be for a couple of hours, max. I’ll try to make an […]

Here I go again (on my own). Picking up and moving again. Sort of. I’ve tried to keep an open mind about Zibbet. I really would like to see it, and the sellers that use it, succeed. And a venue surely would do a better job of drawing traffic than a standalone, right? So I’ve […]

Every year, on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, the USPS holds its annual letter carrier’s food drive. Just before the drive postcards, and sometimes bags, are left for postal customers to remind them to leave donations of food by their mailboxes on the morning of the drive. These are picked up by the letter carriers and dropped off […]