Here’s some photos, like I promised. They were taken last night by my older son’s girlfriend, using her cell phone so they aren’t the greatest. I was hoping to get some of just the kittens with my camera, today, but every time I got the camera ready Sabrina would always return from her latest stretch […]

Yesterday my feline assistant, Sabrina (aka Little Black Beanie) became a new meowmy. I’ll spare you the details of why she wasn’t spayed. Let’s just say that every time I think about it I want to kick my husband. It all began in the morning after a rough night (for me). Beanie began frantically running from […]

Wow! It’s been awhile since I lasted posted. Bad Babs! No cookie for me! Since last I posted I became freakishly busy! Between crocheting my fingers off (I’m currently rotating through 7 W. I. P.s) getting ready for upcoming craft fairs and preparing my online shop for the (hopefully) onslaught of holiday shoppers, I’ve had […]