Crowe Shea’s back, tell a friend. šŸ˜€ After 6 months Crowe Shea Fashions has reopened its doors. I won’t bore you with the details (though lack of internet service was part of it) but I will say it was the worst time of my life. I missed my shop, I missed crafting, and I missed […]

About a week ago I discovered that Etsy had syndicated my shop to (for?) Google Shopping. Since I don’t meet their requirements I’m assuming that this had something to do with Etsy’s announcement that they would now be paying to submit seller’s shops. I’ve heard that they will only be doing this through the end […]

Wow! It’s been awhile since I lasted posted. Bad Babs! No cookie for me! Since last I posted I became freakishly busy! Between crocheting my fingers off (I’m currently rotating through 7 W. I. P.s) getting ready for upcoming craft fairs and preparing my online shop for the (hopefully) onslaught of holiday shoppers, I’ve had […]

Every winter holiday season I do a number of craft fairs. Over the years I’ve learned that, while these fairs are school fundraisers, they rarely have anything available within the prices ranges of the students they are raising funds for. So my fellow MaWiBa-ians (that would be Ma and Wi, lol) started making things for […]