Given how you practice, this greeting will either be timely or belated. If the latter, I apologize but I refuse to share my holy day with a bunch of brats in costumes – or trick or treaters, for that matter. 😀 For some Samhain is the end of the old year and the beginning of […]

For the majority of Traditions, Beltaine is the time where the Lord and Lady get jiggy and conceive the child that will be born later in the year. However, for my Trad, that jigginess occurred back at the Spring Equinox (which I somehow managed to forget to write a post about, this year) and there is no […]

Flowers and Snow by fishandtips

Flowers and Snow by fishandtips on deviantART

In my Tradition (Seax-Wica) Imbolc is the time when the candles lit at Yule are extinguished. Freya has returned, triumphantly, from her search for her Brisingamen and she brings with her a hint that Spring is not too far off. Hail Freya!

Blessings to all my Pagan friends this Yule!

Candles to console Woden and light Freya's way.Yuletide celebrations can vary greatly in their practices – and even lengths, though feasting, spending time with family, and exchanging small (usually handmade) gifts are typical.

For this Seax-Wican it is a time to keep Woden company. Freya has gone off in search of her Brisingamen, taking the sun and warmer days with her. My tree is lit at the beginning of the sabbat, along with candles, to show Woden he is not alone during this time. One candle will stay lit until Freya’s return at Imbolc; sort of like a lighthouse to guide her back, safely.