My favorite video game would have to be Pokemon. Ever since the very first games became available in the US, Pokemon has been a video game staple in our household. My older son, Ben and I would play Red and Blue together. He had Blue and I, Red. I think those were the only versions […]

Seriously? I thought this was an April Fools joke when I first heard about it because anyone who’s ever handled money would know how stupid getting rid of the penny would be. First of all, there’s the whole pricing psychology thing. This place charges $X.98, that one charges $X.97. Oh, and that one over there […]

This is a Plinky post. However, Plinky is apparently having issues so I’m crossposting it directly, here. The prompt was to name a great movie soundtrack. I’m going to be generous and name two, because I’m old school and what constitutes as a soundtrack these days is definitely not the same as it was when […]

Top 3 hobbies? Well I think we all know my top one, crochet, though it’s not really a hobby anymore. Sewing and crochet were the first two crafts I recall my mother teaching me. I loved sewing as a kid. Now, not so much. But crochet is forever! My number two hobby would be writing. […]