I get rid of my colds the good old-fashioned way – I let nature take care of it. 1. I get plenty of sleep. This gives my body both the energy and the downtime it needs to fight the infection. It also means less time awake, thinking about being sick – though those fever dreams […]

What’s the most delicious meal you can get for under ten bucks? ZOMG! Chipotle’s steak burritos, stuffed with pinto beans, rice, medium salsa, cheese and guacamole (gotta have the guac!) are the best! If they weren’t so filling I’d eat them all day long! Food of the Gods, I tell ya, and what a deal […]

1. ArtFire – Gotta have a place to sell my wares and ArtFire is the best place for it, IMHO. 2. Amazon.com – I can find practically anything I need here and usually at decent prices. 3.Bing.com – Default search engine for me. Google is getting too big for its britches, if you ask me. […]